Caryvolt Lithium Battery Manufacturing Facility in Noida provides the ability to analyze every aspect of battery production, from raw materials and cell selection to finished product and performance testing. Caryvolt uses unique instruments and facilities and advanced computational modeling to accelerate prototyping of battery designs, to screen new battery materials, to determine the effects of thermal aspects on battery performance, and to develop accurate lifetime predictions.


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State of the art facility, with safety first approach

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Annual Manufacturing capacity of over 200 MWh

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Incorporated with advanced high precision internal resistance, voltage and automatic sorting machine

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Highly efficient double-sided automatic welding machine

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Real time strength monitoring and
air-cooled heat dissipation technique

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ISO 9001:2015 Certified & ISO14001:2015 Complied


High range of calibrated testing capability

Specification :
Voltage range
Inner Resistance range
Over charge current
Over discharge current
Short circuit time

Range & Accuracy :
0-100V, Accuracy: ±0.1%
0-2000mΩ, Accuracy: 0.1mΩ
0-30A, Accuracy : ±0.1%
0-100A, Accuracy : ±0.1%
0-2mS, Accuracy : ±0.1%


With the help of our Final Quality test machines we can analyze life cycles of our battery which will help us to determine battery performance in the future.


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Dedicated R&D and product innovation team

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Joint development of products with OEMs

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Highly efficient smarts battery management system

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Efficient thermal management system to improve efficiency & life

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Improved design techniques to improve conversion efficiency

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Unified product design with high safety standards